Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Different Screen Resolutions Wallpaper Project

When I design websites and always wonder what the site would look like on different screen resolutions. I don't always have all the devices to test the layout on, so I generally will prefer to resize my browser window. I once had a wallpaper that had different screen resolutions marked out, but I couldn't find it or google it. So I decided to make my own.

I joined Pixelapse.com and made a desktop wallpaper project. I found this site by googling 'git photoshop version control'. The project is in Photoshop.

My screen is a 2560x1440 resolution 27" Mac display, so I made the wallpaper for that size. So it's ideal if your screen resolution matches that. Just resize your web browser to align with the markings and it should give you a good idea what the site looks like on that screen resolution.

Hope you enjoy it, it's free for everybody!

Project: Screen Resolution Wallpaper (contains PSD file and JPG)

Direct link to wallpaper

Here are the resolutions marked:
  • 1366x768 - 11" Macbook Airs
  • 1440x900 - 13" Macbook Airs and older 15" Macbook Pros
  • 1680x1050 - 15" Macbook Pros (my 2010 model)
  • 1920x1080 - HD size
  • 2560x1440 - 27" Mac display

Thursday, February 27, 2014

500px Art Prints

I was recently featured in a 500px blog post, Celebrating 3 Months of 500px Art! The new site launched back in December and I've actually bought several of my prints just to see what the quality was like.

Below are some photos from two separate orders I made. The packaging is really well done, and they consolidated two prints into one big box.

Overall they're pretty good. 500px offers canvas, paper, aluminum, acrylic, and birchwood as print material. I'm not a fan of the canvas print, as the picture I chose didn't come out as sharp as I wanted, but I absolutely love the aluminum print. I consider the aluminum prints to be the best value as they look absolutely amazing-- the darks are dark, and the light is pretty shiny. I have an aluminum print of Golden Gate Bridge's Clear Night hanging over my desk. It has a different look and feel during the day and night.

Hanging the prints on my wall was also very easy. Just follow the instructions and use the bubble level to make sure it's straight. On the back of each print is a thank-you note from 500px. It's removable of course, but to be honest I've left them on all of my hanging prints.

Again, here is my photo they selected. Apparently it's one of the top 16 selling photos on 500px Art right now!

Chicago from the Adler Planetarium
Buy print: http://www.500pxart.com/photo/57661802

More prints available at my 500px Art page. It looks like there's a 25% off sale until Friday (2/28).

Friday, February 21, 2014

Photos from 6th St Bridge

The 6th St. bridge has a magnificent view of the Los Angeles skyline. There's only a two problems about getting the photo at this location.

First, the area in the Arts district isn't so good. There's little foot traffic and I don't feel comfortable bringing expensive equipment to set up there. Second, there are telephone wires running across in the view. I had to use Photoshop to clean that all up.

I guess a third issue, which isn't so much the location, but Los Angeles itself. LA has a haze across the sky most of the time. So unless it rains or drizzles to push the smog down and clear the sky, the haze will be there.

Below are three pictures taken from relatively the same spot on the bridge. I processed them a little differently using Lightroom, Photoshop, Photomatix Pro, as well as Perfect Effects 8.

Buy print: http://500px.com/photo/61340603

DTLA Skyline
Buy print: http://500px.com/photo/61433677

Starbust DTLA

To view my collection of pictures taken in Los Angeles, click here.