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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coders at Work and Duct Tape Programming

I finally finished reading Coders at Work!  I really enjoyed the interviews with Jamie Zawinksi, Douglas Crockford, Brendan Eich, and Ken Thompson.  I wasn't too interested in compilers and the much older systems some of the programmers once developed in.  I must admit, I had a short attention span reading over those sections.

Anyway, the reason I picked this book up was because back in late September to early October 2009, I remember reading several blog posts on duct tape programming.  They all pointed to Joel Spolsky's blog post: The Duct Tape Programmer.

The quote was from Jamie Zawinkski, on his pet peeve of developers who over-engineer:
At the end of the day, ship the fucking thing!  It's great to rewrite code and make it cleaner and by the third time it'll actually be pretty.  But that's not the point-- you're not here to write code; you're here to ship products.  --Jamie Zawinkski
My first reaction after reading Spolsky's post was with some disgust.  The word that came to mind was: Grief.  Software developer grief.  Let me explain.

I define software developer grief as the unhappiness a developer gets from inheriting badly written or non-functional code from another developer.  I have felt this grief a few times.  I've had to work with code where it's been released out to production, where the code doesn't even function properly and hasn't, EVER.

Now I'm not aware of what the development conditions were like when those kind of coding projects were in place.  But, the code, definitely shouldn't have shipped.  In these cases, duct-tape or band-aids were used instead of a functioning wheel to the go-cart; because the go-cart just wasn't doing what it should have been doing.

But after reading Uncle Bob's response, it made more sense what Spolsky was talking about.  The spirit of what they're both preaching, is to ship working code, it doesn't have to be pretty or perfect, just make it work!  The clean-up can, and should occur later.

That, I agree with.

Get the book on Amazon:

Coders at Work

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Android SDK issue on Windows 7 x64

I recently installed the Android SDK and Eclipse (32-bit) onto my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit machine.  First thing I wanted to do was go through the Android Hello World Tutorial.

Well, I ran into the following error message:
'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file.  SWT folder '' does not exist.  Please set ANDROID_SWT to point to the folder containing swt.jar for your platform.

I read somewhere that I should install the x64 Java version.  However, when I went to Java download page, it didn't even have the x64 version available to download.  Turns out that the problem was that I was using Google Chrome to browse there.  I had to use Internet Explorer (x64 bit version) to get the x64 Java link to even show up!

This worked for me, but you can check out the following link at StackOverflow:


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rooting my Nexus One and installing Thai fonts

I just finished rooting my Nexus One and installed Thai fonts onto it. I had to use several websites to complete this task, but I wanted to collect them all into once nice place for any stumblers. The purpose of installing Thai fonts onto my Nexus One was to have the ability to read Thai on my Facebook app as well as some Thai websites.

Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Root your phone. You can read about that and watch a video: Video: How to unlock and root a Nexus One.

Step 2: Watch the Thai video of how this guy did it. Thai font for Nexus One. I also downloaded the Thai fonts here (source: Droidsans.com). You can read and see pics of the steps too at: Android Review: แกะกล่อง Nexus One ฉบับย่อ พร้อม Root ลงไทย By PDAMobiz.


Friday, January 08, 2010

My Favorite Tech and Programming News Feeds

I previously posted on my favorite tech podcasts, so I wanted to post a little snippet of my favorite tech RSS feeds from Google Reader.  I read a lot more than I list here, but these are my absolute favorites.

My favorite Tech RSS Feeds:
My favorite Programming RSS Feeds:

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

My New Phone: Google's Nexus One

Yesterday Google gave a presentation on the Google Nexus One. I watched it on the Gizmodo Liveblog. Ten minutes after reading the blog and looking at the pictures, I was sold. I knew I was eventually going to get it, but I didn't know until that moment that that was the moment I was going to get it.

I bought the phone yesterday, 1/5/2010, at 1:05pm. Overnight FedEx shipping (free). It arrived today at 1:22pm. Awesome.

The Nexus One can be purchased here: http://www.google.com/phone